How’d the ride go?

OK, it’s been a little over six weeks since I crashed at the Bike MS ride.  I screwed up at mile 84 of the century and went over the handlebars at about 20 MPH.  I didn’t break my collar bone, I shattered it.  As you can see from the pictures I now have two plates and about 12 screws holding my collar bone together.  I’m still hurting but things are getting better each day.  I go in for my follow up on August 26th and hopefully I will get cleared to lift again.

BTW, tomorrow is number 42.  Not feeling old yet.  This bone break is my first and has been difficult but I keep reminding myself that “this too shall pass”.

collar bone xrays

This year WE go the distance!

That’s the theme of my 2014 fundraising campaign for Bike MS with Team Left Hand. It’s easy! The more I raise, the more I run! You know you want to make me run a marathon after riding a century.  What will it take?  $10,000 in fundraising to benefit the National MS Society in their fight against a disease that leaves people unable to ride or run.  So let’s do it for them, this year WE go the distance!

TLH Bike MSBike MS

Getting back on my feet.

Last weekend was my first decent long run since I ran the Space Coast Marathon back in November.  My back has been acting wonky so I count 15 miles as a win.  I’m really hoping that working with the Trigger Point roller will get me straightened back up sooner than later.

Friday night Kate and I will be on a plane to San Juan PR and a week on running on a cruise ship.  All I have to do is survive this week of work.  Well, wish me luck.


Welcome to 2013 and life after the end of the Mayan calendar

Life really is funny.  Last year I was looking hard at competing in the Leadville 100 later this year.  Now I am struggling to get my training back online so I can run the Austin Marathon in February .  Last year we were living in Parker and had no intent to change.  Then December rolled around.  The end of the Mayan calendar may not have meant the end of the world, but it did turn into the end of life as Kate and I had known it.  Kate was offered a job in Broomfield and our lives got turned upside down for a month.  The new job meant packing and moving our lives from Parker to Westminster, all within two weeks so Kate wouldn’t have a 80 mile commute in the middle of the winter.  Crazy, oh yeah.  With all the craziness went all of my extra money that I might have used for Leadville and all the time I should have been spending ramping up my mileage for Austin.  Oh well, Leadville will be there next year and Austin will happen, it just won’t be a PR effort.  The good news is that life may settle down in time for me to properly train for Boston.  That is going to be EPIC!  Hope everyone is enjoying life in 2013.