Calling General Pershing!

It has happened again. An American living abroad has been killed by Islamic militants attempting to forward their agenda. Along with the rest of America, and I should hope, the rest of the world, I extend my deepest sympathies to Paul Johnson’s family and friends. The militants of Al Qaeda have taken the life of an innocent because their demands were not met. That does not mean that this should end here. Al Qaeda needs to be properly paid their due. I would call on the Saudi royal family to separate out half of their Al Qaeda prisoners, cover them in pig blood and organs and once they are guaranteed a one way ticket to Islamic hell then kill them by beheading them as is fitting for infidels. I would also call on the US government to track down the closest male relatives of each militant that contributed to Johnson’s murder and castrate him so he can be a slave for eternity in the Islamic afterlife and then kill him. These ideas are not my own, the first closely resembles the way General Pershing dispatched Islamic militants in the Philippines, and the second is how the Russians dealt with the Iranians that kidnapped and killed Russian diplomats at the same time as the US hostage crisis in Iran. The fact that these ideas are not my own does not subtract from my enthusiastic endorsement of that brand of diplomacy. The left has one thing right, we really do need to understand the Islamic culture in order to deal with them. Pershing understood militant Islamists and so did the Russians. I think it is time to show the fundamental Islamists that we understand them and that we demand that they respect us.