The expansion of government has produced a side affect. Government workers convinced the public and the Congress that government workers should not be subject to the political ebb and flow that surrounds new government officials being voted in and turning over entire administrations. They used the excuse that political lackeys would be used to fill valuable public servant positions and that by removing the political favoritism the government would better serve the needs of the public by retaining the best employees. The problem with that logic is that government positions are filled only when there is funding to that given department. These government workers organized into unions that use their considerable clout to forward the interests of the government union employees that they represented. Now instead of cutting departments that do not benefit the taxpayers the government employees influence elections and their agenda is to make sure that government always expands so they have job security. In the private sector thee only way employees exert that kind of pressure on a corporation is to own a majority of the shares and vote as a single voice in stockholder meetings. Must be nice to not have to buy into your voice and only have to convince other voters that your candidate has their interests in mind.