Frog Cooking

I first read it in John Stossel’s book Give Me A Break, then yesterday I heard it on the radio when Walter E. Williams (what a great American!) was guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh show. What was it? It’s how to cook a frog. If you take a pot of boiling water and try to toss a frog in it, the frog knows to get out of that water as fast as it can. However, if you take a pot of cool water and place the frog in it, the frog is just fine. Then you can turn on the burner and gradually boil it. This way the frog doesn’t realize that it will be dead by the time the water is boiling. America please pay attention because this is important. This is also how WE are LOSING our RIGHTS. If a brutal dictator were to emerge and try to take away all of our rights at once, Americans would not stand it and would fight back with everything they have. The politicians know that and have taken up frog cooking. Ask yourself, do you feel like you have as much freedom as when you were a kid? Sure, you still have a lot of freedom but the frog cooking has begun and the politicians will reach their goal eventually. Look around, why are libertarian movements becoming more popular? Because unlike frogs, Americans can feel the water heating up and do not want to be around when the water boils.