American Confidence Games

Yesterday I was looking at the Gallup Polls. They had a headline stating that the military has the highest confidence rating of the institutions that they poll for. I like the military so I kept reading. What I found was less than inspiring. Other top rated institutions included the presidency and the Supreme Court. Well down their list of fifteen institutions at number ten was Congress. In the bottom two institutions as rated in the peoples confidence are American Corporations. Let me get this straight. Have we become so indoctrinated in this country that we now trust our government that is by its very nature an organization that uses compulsion to extract wealth from the citizens, rather than corporations that embody the spirit of capitalism, who depend on voluntary cooperation to achieve their profits. The only time corporations can force anyone to do something that is not voluntary is when they can get the government to compel that person to do it. This country needs a serious wake up call. Government is not our friend. The government needs to be held as accountable or even more so, than our corporations do simply because of its use of compulsion to achieve its goals. Yes we have seen corporate scandals throughout American history but really people are corporations a bigger problem than our government in all its bureaucratic befuddlement? I don’t think so.

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