The Government is Evil

Government really is a necessary evil but I think there are people who have forgotten, or in some cases never taught, that government is an evil. You’ll hear people that think guns are evil, or that cars are evil or that drugs are evil. The reality is that they are just objects and are not capable of actual malice on their own. It takes people to create malice. The government is nothing but people who have a monopoly on the use of force. Is it possible to comprehend that if evil were anywhere that it would accumulate in government? Evil takes on many guises. Lack of informed thought gives evil a doorway into this world. The government we have now will promise many things that may sound like they mean well but instead they give reality to the phrase that the road to hell is paved in good intentions. What will it take to correct this abuse of power? It will take knowledge and it has been said that while suffering is unfortunate, fools will learn from nothing less. With so many people living off of the government rolls it may be impossible to create change merely through elections.

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