Free Stolen Money?

There is a guy out there who is pissing me off. This twerp is shouting in TV and radio ads about ‘Free Government Money’! He rattles off a list of things that you can get government money for. I am going to do a little editing for all of you that may not understand the economic reality of this idiots raving. Here we go: “The government can help you steal other peoples’ money so you can go back to school with legally stolen money, or start a coffee shop with legally stolen money, or work on your invention with LEGALLY STOLEN MONEY! Just buy my book where I will outline how you can get money that the overzealous government has stolen from hard working citizens. You just need my book and the right government forms to outline the hardships that you have had to endure in your miserable life that entitles you to get in line for the money that the government has stolen for you.” This idea that people should just give you money because you mean to be better and all you need is a chance is ludicrous. You need to earn that money. If you don’t earn that money you have no idea how hard it was to make it and you will piss it away. If you want proof, here is a piece of information for you, the ONLY successful income transfer program the government has ever hatched is the G.I. Bill. Why was it successful? Because the G.I.s that took advantage of it weren’t exactly given the money, they had to sign up for military service and put their asses on the line. They had to go through what many like to call ‘The School of Hard Knocks.’ Then they were allowed to go to real schools on the governments dime with the full appreciation of what life is without an education. So before you go and send your money off to this con-man, just consider if you do manage to succeed in life after you get your PhD with money the government stole for you, how are you going to like the government stealing from you?

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