Building up to a new year of running

Yep.  I’m back at it.  Watching what I eat and building up my running to half-marathon distances.  Today’s run will be a 9 mile run.  Next week 10 miles.  I will probably leave my weekend runs at that level for a little while and work on speed from that point.  I am already registered for the Colfax Half-Marathon and plan on running in the BolderBoulder and Denver Half-Marathon.  I just cannot put in the time it takes to train for a full marathon at this point in my life.  Maybe in a few years when my work life can handle it.  The biggest problem I have with the training is that I have to run the same distance during the week as I plan on running on the weekend and to run marathon distances I feel you have to train at marathon distances.  I don’t have the time to run two hours twice a week.  I really do admire people that can put in the time and run like that.

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