Back into the swing of things

Last night I got in what I consider to be my first good run after my surgery. I can attribute a good portion of my performance to running with Logan from Runner’s Roost. He’s a very accomplished marathon runner and I finally have someone in run club that runs at a conversational pace that I can hardly keep up with. I hope he sticks around, I will be a better runner if he does. My other option is to get out to more of the Runner’s Roost runs. They apparently have quiet a team. I know they do because I couldn’t keep up with two of them at NOLA.

The end of an era.

This is a completely personal note. Today was the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery from Florida to Washington, DC. I have not been a fan of the space shuttle program. I am very much so looking forward to an era of commercial space flight. An era that should be starting on April 30th. All of that said, I grew up with the space shuttle program and it is humbling to see this line of spacecraft be shuffled off into museums. A reminder that all things come to an end. Now, I have no plans to shuffle off into a museum or off this mortal coil, but it is hard to let go of something that has been such a part of my life. So long Discovery, maybe I’ll make it in to see you at the museum.

The cost of running

Today I was able to get out for my first full run after my surgery. I had to have a sports hernia repaired on Monday. About 27% of men end up with hernias. It doesn’t make me any happier about the surgery. My hernia is feeling much better, not really any problems since the surgery but my abdominal area had been killing me because the surgery involved inflating the area so the surgeon could move the mesh and scopes around. The process tore all of the fascia away from my abdominal muscles. Apparently, there are all kinds of nerve endings in that area. I suppose it will get better over time but the pain kept me from running for the better part of a week. Good run today though so I have high hopes to be ready for my four marathons in May.