Run like an human.

I am getting back into running.  One thing that has always bothered me about runners is sometimes they are runners and sometimes they are just joggers that call themselves runners.  Joggers can’t seem to stride out past where their knees straighten out.  I know this is nit picking but those people are not runners, they are joggers.  In order to speed up a runner just lengthens their stride, joggers have to speed up their pace because their stride length is fixed.  To me, joggers are the reason that most people are not runners.  Jogging kills your knees with all of the impact.  A good running stride shouldn’t shock your knees much more than a brisk walk.  Humans evolved strictly for the purpose of running.  Not just sprinting, but full-on distance running.  We had to run to track and kill anything in the hilly grasslands of Africa.  Since we cannot out-sprint most African game we had to run it down over miles.  That is our genetic heritage.  Now we are just pencil pushers and couch potatoes.  If you want to be healthy you need to embrace the runner in you.  STOP JOGGING and run like an human.