Back into the swing of things

Last night I got in what I consider to be my first good run after my surgery. I can attribute a good portion of my performance to running with Logan from Runner’s Roost. He’s a very accomplished marathon runner and I finally have someone in run club that runs at a conversational pace that I can hardly keep up with. I hope he sticks around, I will be a better runner if he does. My other option is to get out to more of the Runner’s Roost runs. They apparently have quiet a team. I know they do because I couldn’t keep up with two of them at NOLA.

More marathon training

Here we go again!  I finished the Denver Marathon but it was nowhere near a PR.  So at the urging of my running coach I am putting in a top springtime effort and I’m training for the New Orleans Marathon.  This ones for a Boston Qualifier baby!!  I have been training for a month now.  I put in a 22 miles run on Saturday and I’m feeling strong.  Look out NOLA!

Marathon training begins

Last night I got my first taste of organized marathon training.  My coach, Kathy, had us do some dynamic exercises first before the run.  They are designed to help prevent injuries.  Some of them, like butt-kicks and high-knees, I had done before but some of them were new to me and involved running on your toes and heels at different angles.  We did a lot of strides before the actual workout.  That made the 3×5 minute workout seem a lot harder than it should have been.  Anyway, I am still looking forward to Saturday’s 8-9 mile run.